We create interactive and enagaging eLearning resources

Depending on your platform we design responsive eLearning resources for a range of media, from smartphone, PC and Tablets, hosted by us or by you.

Our expert team works with you to create professional eLearning content for use online on your LMS (Learning Management System) or as part of your Blended Learning solution.

Using the latest eLearning tools we develop powerful content for your standalone eLearning or Online Courses.

We can design resources using Adapt, Evolve, Articulate (Storyline | Rise ), Adobe Creative Cloud / Captivate, or HTML based webpages.

Examples include:

  • Interactive Webpages
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Interactive Infographics / Images
  • Animated Videos
  • Interactive Videos
  • LMS
  • Quizzes
  • Scorm Compliant
  • Software Simulation
  • Pre and Post Workshop materials

Topics we've been working on include:

  • Product Training - eg modules to educate Staff, Suppliers and Customers
  • HR Policy Skills - eg Absence, Hybrid Working
  • Health & Safety - eg Risk Assessment and Accident reporting form completion
  • Communication Skills - eg listening, questioning, language
  • New Systems Training - eg software, new proceses
  • Compliance Training eg vulnerable customers
  • Leadership Development Blended Learning - pre and post course materials
  • Induction / Onboarding
  • Wellbeing
  • IT Security
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • and more...

Here's a sample of a recent Cyber Security module we created.

Feedback on this module

I recently had a requirement to deploy Mandatory Cybersecurity Training across the DFS organisation. Phil has been providing L&D consultancy to DFS for quite some time and so, with tight delivery timescales, Phil came on board to assist. Right from the start I found Phil to have all the right skills you'd expect from a consultant - he listened to the requirements, asked a lot of key questions, and then went away and started to build the framework for our training. Within days, he'd come up with the underpinnings of what has become a popular and well received training module. Working with Phil was never a chore. He approaches his work with the right balance of humour and hard work. I would definitely recommend id8d, and look forward to working with Phil again soon! Head of IT Security DFS

eLearning Courses

screen shots of an eLearning course in designed by resourcily for dfs

You can view a sample of this course, here COURSE SAMPLE  (opens in a new window )

Our eLearning courses are ready made and available for purchase. There are 3 options available to you, depending if you have an LMS.


What's an LMS?

An LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that helps organisations manage, track, and report on employee training. It allows you to create a record of training within an organisation, for compliancy purposes, reporting to show team members are competent. Some organisations have an LXP (Learning Experience Platform), a more up to date version of an LMS either instead, or as well. An LXP can track learning, but is more designed to host content. Typically an LXP is used where training is not required to be tracked, for example self learning development, whereas an LMS would be used to track that all team members had completed compliancy training.

No LMS, No Problem

Don't have an LMS? That's ok, users complete learning, certifying via resourcily.

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We make it, You host it

Existing LMS, Perfect! Buy a SCORM/HTML package from us in your chosen format.

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We work with you to create your own engaging and interactive eLearning course.

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This option is perfect for those organisations that do not have an LMS, or are looking to take the hassle out of certification for employees. We host learning on our portal resourcily.com. So regardless of the size of your organisation you can certify one user or 100,000 users! Annually users are invited to complete the module, on completion users get a certificate to prove their learning on a subject. You pay for a rolling annual subscription; great peace of mind that to monitor ongoing competency levels, especially for auditing purposes. Most importantly, this keeps your team's skills sharp. Here's some examples:

  • 1 User
  • £30 inc VAT /user /year
    • Annual Certificate
    • No Set Up Fee
    • £25 Excl. VAT
  • Buy Now
Once you have set up your character you can then use it to create an animated video.



If you are lucky enough to have an existing LMS, then we've got your back. Our eLearning courses are designed to slot right in, just let us know your preferred format ie SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, HTML and or even xAPIBETA. With this option you can purchase right out of the box, take a non branded version, add your colours, branding and fonts. Whilst we maintain the copyright, you get a fabulously created course, with the added benefit of it being updated annually to ensure you that remain compliant. Here's some examples:

Prices are for an annual licence, minimum 2 year term, excluding VAT.

Resourcily Branded
Non Branded
Your Logo
Your Branding
resourcily logo
No Logo
Your Logo
Your Logo
2 Year Licence
2 Year Licence
2 Year Licence
2 Year Licence
Colour Choice
Blue / Black / Red
1 colour
2 colours
Font Choice
Content Change
(Up to 49 Users)
£ 699
£ 799
£ 899
(50 - 249 Users)
£ 799
£ 899
£ 999
(250+ Users)
(500+ Users)

1Limited changes, this is not an overhaul or complete re-write



In this option we work with you to create a bespoke course from scratch. The beauty of this option is you get to tailor the content to meet your exact needs. We can also modify an existing module we have in our catalogue. Our team will work with you to bring your content alive.

screen shots of an eLearning course in jade green colour designed by resourcily for hsbc


Whatever your needs, speak to one of our expert team, who are on hand to discuss any of our options or your requirements.

REQUEST A CALL BACK  or CALL US: +44 33 000 111 31